Sunday, January 4, 2009

Disconnected - Isolated 2009 cassette demo

Ok, this is my first ACTUAL post. It's my bands cassette demo. The band was formed, material was written, and recorded all in under a month and we're pretty happy with it. You will be too if you like Deathreat, Exclaim, Cleveland hardcore or Japanese hardcore, or noisy shit in general.

get it

there are coverscans in there. This is a limited edition run of 100. Will335 is running a cassette label and distro now, and that's where this was released. For a hard copy, contact Will335. All he has so far are THESE cassettes and some copies of his other bands cassette (As Good As Dead) and he really wants to expand, so contact him for trade.

here's the label:
sonic fucking seppuku

If you live nearby and could make it to a show, go to a show, make a donation for the touring bands and buy a tape for like $3 you cheap bastard. Don't think that just owning the MP3's makes you sweet, cuz it doesn't. Support DIY everything.


The L-RV said...

Thanks for sharing this, enjoying it right now.
Good luck on the blog as well, you're off to a KILLER start!

jeremy said...

I hope you post show dates here - I'll be there. I like the 90 seconds or so I've heard.

And... cassette??? Wow.