Monday, January 5, 2009

xAs Good As Deadx - Just One Of Those Years cassette demo 2008

This is Will335's other band, xAs Good As Deadx. This is the cassette they put out a few months ago after the CDR, after Will had moved over to vocals. Unfortunately, the rip was done at 160, but it still sounds good. I did not rip the tracks, and I don't know who did, but since I have the cassette, my contribution is to include front and back scans of the cover. The band doesn't fit nicely into any genre-specific box aside from fast as fuck. It's too dark to be positive, there's not enough sing alongs to be youth crew, it's not fast enough to be thrashcore, there's no bro-core mosh parts, there's no metal, it's not crossover, it's not crusty, there's no blast beats, no death vocals or pigsqueals. This is negative hardcore. It's the antithesis of positive hardcore. It IS fast, unrelenting and intense. I scanned the lyics side of the j card at like a THOUSAND x a MILLION pixels so you can read the lyrics because they are pretty pertinent to the bad vibes of the music. This is recommended if you are a fan of Poison Idea, D.S.13, Victim In Pain era AF, old ClevoHC, sweet shit in general.

get it

and again, Will335 has the cassette in his rather limited distro (of 2 tapes) that he just started last week when the Disconnected demos got finished. This will beef up in the next few months because he is already talking to a bunch of other tape labels around the world about trades. I am sure he will update the list of distros his shit is available in once it's worth updating. There are only about 30 of the AGAD cassette left, so get at him
here or support DIY and go to one of their shows if you're within 50 miles.

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