Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Bloodsprayer

Blood Sprayer | Horror Movie News, Reviews Interviews, and MoreSo I'm writing for a horror webzine called "The Bloodsprayer." My buddy Wes contacted me to see if I wanted to do a piece on 70's Italian prog for their 2nd Annual "Italian Week" that they ran at the beginning of August.  Shortly thereafter, I was asked to be a contributing writer for them to expand their pallet into music fit for horror movies, but avoiding the usual Rob Zombie/Misfits/Psychobilly schlock that usually passes for a music section in most horror zines.  My first piece is sort of a complete rewrite of what I had written some years ago about the 1979 Univers Zero album, "Heresie."  Check it out here, and if you are a horror fan, check out everything on the site.  They have a lot of great writers and are constantly doing giveaways and contests as some of the writers are pretty tied in to the horror merch industry.

Univers Zero piece