Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Coffinworm - Great Bringer Of Night (2009 demo)

I haven't had time to post anything in over a month. It's been a very busy and sad month for me. As you can see, my dog had to be put down a few weeks ago. That was the sad. On to the busy. A few weeks ago, I went to the 3rd and final Templars Of Doom festival in Indianapolis and made friends with these guys who kindly let me post their demo. I had just missed them at the festival, but wound up bullshitting with their guitarist and drummer and decided to buy a T shirt and their demo sound-unheard based on the fact that they were nice guys, the shirt looked sweet, I was at a fest and planned on hemmorhaging money anyways. Thankfully, the demo rips and I got to see them the day AFTER the fest as I learned that Krallice was playing a show and Coffinworm was opening that show as well. I made sure to get there early where they were the best band of the night. Had I seen them at the festival, they probably would have surpassed all the other bands on the bill At the Krallice show, I wound up bonding with the lead singer of Coffinworm over old death metal cassette demos, of which he owns an extensive collection. It was like an episode of Sesame Street, with everyone being friends and shit.

Pinning Coffinworm's sound with a few words has proven pretty evasive, as evidenced by the fact that I have deleted this very paragraph in it's entirity no less than four times now. Describing their sound would probably just be unfair in general. General overview of the music... It's Heavy Metal. It's closest musical alignment would be doom metal, but they have a pretty healthy love of midpaced death metal and crusty punk. Maybe a dash of late 80's/early 90's noise rock ala Amphetamine Reptile records or T&G records. I'm going to cop out on the rest of this because I have to get ready for work now and have been just trying to get this link POSTED so people hear it. I keep getting hung up on the "review" because I have had writers block. Download it and listen to it and if you think I am wrong, go to hell because I don't care about you or your tastes.

Great Bringer Of Night was recorded with Bob Fouts, drummer of Gates Of Slumber, who slipped a copy to the owner of Profound Lore records just because he thought he would like it. Not only did he like it, but before the demo was even mixed, Coffinworm was offered the opportunity to put out a full length with Profound Lore. They were instructed to complete a full lengths worth of songs and report to Volume Studios before the end of the year for recording with Sanford Parker. They will settle in nicely with the rest of the Profound Lore catalog of well thought-out wierdness. CW thankfully lack the pretention of alot of that label's output. Hopefully, they are able to maintain the raw attitude that this material possesses, and are able to BETTER capture what I saw live, which was ten times as mammoth as this demo.

Permission has been granted to usurp vocalist Dave's own bandwidth and post the link he gave me to a 320 rip of the tracks here, 3 songs in 22 minutes.

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