Monday, January 5, 2009

Habitual Coercion 2007 CDR demo

On to the metal. This is the 2007 CDR demo from Habitual Coercion, a NW Ohio death metal band of whom I have not seen their demo being shared ANYWHERE, and that is a shame. This is in the same catagory as old Cephalic Carnage and Origin and just as good. Brutal, techy, grindy, and occasionally they throw you a hook. Hooks are typically unheard of in death metal today.

Bo gave his blessing to post this so there is some kind of digital presence for their demo since they consistently forget to burn new ones. He's the bass player and he just got endorsed by Spector basses, and for that I am envious. Endorsements are sweet, they have a ton of them. I'd kill for an Ashdown endorsement.


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