Friday, July 1, 2011

Gathiens - Nesh

This is an album I fell in love with some years ago.   We were making dinner the other night and I got struck by the urge to listen to it again for the first time in a long time. It always has the same affect on me too, it makes me bummed that it's over when the last song ends.  It's just one of those records.  For my money, that is the PERFECT album length too so I am not complaining.  Better than a demo or an EP, but not some 70 minute sprawl that just drags on and on.  Brevity is the goal when it comes to instrumental music. This is for fans spaced out math rock like Slint, Tristeza, or maybe some later EARTH or My Bloody Valentine?  There is also a heavy black metal influence in the songwriting.  Don't expect blast beats, but I know the guy who writes this stuff and he is all over some Alcest/Amesoeurs, Peste Noire and Leviathan.  This ISN'T metal though.  I was in the band for a short time when the mastermind behind the group moved to town to house-sit over the summer of 2008.  An attempt was made to create a live lineup for the group and it failed for various reasons.  There is an entire second album of material that has been recorded too that has not been released.  It's being RE-recorded now by the original lineup of the group, who also failed for various reasons.  At this point, the band hasn't played live in several years.  I may have been present at the last actual live performance that was given at a basement show some years back.  It was ten degrees below zero outside and said mastermind was loading his equipment into the house and wearing flip flops.  How grim is that?

I haven't updated this blog in months.  I probably haven't even looked at it in 2-3 months.  I just haven't had time.  I don't know how some of those blog guys post stuff 3 or 4 times a day. Good for them I guess. I've got alot of stuff on my plate right now.  I'm getting married in 3 weeks, so that is keeping me really busy and broke.  My 2 jobs are running at full steam right now.  I have the first original band I have played with since June 2010 coming together too.  Super excited about that.  I won't leave you with too many details, but it's headed towards being the best project I have ever been a part of.  There's 3.5 songs so far. It's dark stuff and it's not metal.  We're hopefully gonna be recording in the next month or so, as soon as we decide we have enough suitable material for a 12" EP.  Looking towards pressing vinyl with download and all that rot.  Still no band name or anything like that.  As soon as we get all that stuff together and a bandcamp page, I'll post all that stuff here.

I keep saying I am going to post more stuff here, and I swear I will work to be a more active blogger.

For now, you get NESH

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