Monday, November 15, 2010

RIP - In Disgust

I really liked this band.  I just read that they broke up and that depresses me.  What a bummer for a first post in several months.  I guess that's what happens with good grind/fast bands.  With rare exception, they burn out quick.  Terrorizer, Discordance Axis, Insect Warfare, Threatener, etc.etc.  Napalm Death got it back together after 8 or 9 years of boring industrial rock or whatever the hell that was.  Their records would rule everything if the production was raw again.  In Disgust was like THEEE band.  Reality Choke completely blew me away.  There is very little advancement that can occur in such a narrow genre.  When it gets too artsy, you get garbage like The Locust.  Google search this band.  They ruled.

I guess I am posting this as a little update to my "followers."  I just happened to look over and notice that there were a few over there.  One of them is my mom.  Isn't that nice?  I haven't found anything really worth blogging about MUSICALLY in a long time, at least nothing that I wasn't a few months behind on anyways.  The most I have found to do is that I got an actual CD rip of the Gutted CD I posted several months ago.  It sounds better for sure.  I keep forgetting to upload it and replace the link.  Most of what I have really gotten into is nothing that can't be found on 80 other blogs anyways.  More on that in another post I guess.

I moved 3 months ago.  My girl and I got a place in a town that is much more sensible for us to live in.  We've been taking our time trying to get our place set up and find enough second hand furniture to sit on and eat off of.  I have cats now too.  My lady cooks wonderful vegan food for me and my waistline has taken a hit.  I work 50+ hours a week some weeks between two jobs and barely have time to deal with the internet, which explains why I have been so behind.  Domestic life is busy... way too busy for me to be concerned with my narcissistic pursuits that no one really cares about.  I have to take the trash out now and clean the kitchen and make coffee and stay home and watch documentaries on my days off.  She scoops the litter box.  Scooping the litter box is not metal.

This blog is not dead, and I think of it often... then I think that there is really nothing for me to write about that would be of any interest to anyone for the time being.  I just haven't worked it back into my life yet.  Hell, I still have to find time to start hitting the gym again.   Soon enough.


The L-RV said...

I posted them awhile back, and I am sad to hear they packed it in. Awesome band!

Sounds like life is going well - don't let this blog die ;)

nothingwheel said...

Oh no, blog is alive and crawling. Thanks for the support. I'll find something interesting and tasty to post soon enough. If you "blog wizard" types would just slow down long enough for the rest of us to catch up. ;)