Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What The Fuck?!? - demo

I'll make this one short and sweet as well just to get this demo out there. I already gushed about how ripping they were live. Unlike the Deadmen demo, which is a fine example of the bands songs, but does not represent their crushing presence live, the WTF demo is pretty representative of the live presentation. Noisy and thrashy as hell, except live, they are noisier and thrashier. I guess an easy comparison (because I am too lazy to bother writing an extensive review) would be Haymaker or DS-13... maybe Citizens Arrest? Pissed, hateful, "no slow-all go" hardcore by guys your girlfriend would not be interested in cuddling with. This is right up my alley. Raw and angry with no metalcore, Youth Crew, NYHC, posi, or power violence references. No showoff full sleeve tattoos they got done all at once, no matching lettermen jackets, minimal gang choruses, no bland '77 throwback, no circle pits, but there IS a Dwarves cover. They just start raging and fourteen minutes later, you don't want them to be done raging. This is the most pissed off thing I have posted in a long time. More proof that Indianapolis have some awesome shit going on right now.

too bro, too slow


Voluspa9 said...

WTF!?! is RIP. Bummer. Great demo.

nothingwheel said...

That's a serious bummer. There needs to be more face ripping bands like this out there that tour and play shows.