Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gutted - self titled, self released final album.

Oh SHIT!!! Lo Res Viscera beat me to it. He always posts about HIS hometown bands, and I like to post about mine. His blog is one of the reasons I do a blog. He does it for the right reasons, not just to spread a zillion files around the internet, or be the first to leak something. His posts mean something to him and his blog is a labor of love. Albums I post usually have some personal reason to them as to why I have posted them, and I am verbose in imparting some inkling of my personal connection to such-and-such album or demo. I was happy to see that SOMEONE knows about Gutted other than the 450 or so Midwesterners that gave a shit about them in 1993, even though I think he was a midwesterner in 1993, which I guess would make him one of the 450. Either way, I am glad he is spreading the good word.

LRV posted the long lost classic "Bleed For Us To Live," which in all honesty didn't make too strong an impression on me after the REALLY classic "Disease" demo. They were brutal enough without a lead guitarist. Gutted was all we had in Toledo. There were no other death metal bands at the time and these guys either opened, or in most cases HEADLINED every extreme metal show in the area. They were the most extreme it got around here, and all without a single blastbeat ever written or played. There was one other band at the time, but they were very openly aryan supremacist (and boring as shit, musically) so I won't even discuss them. You get a bit of that around these parts.

There was a metal show that myself and some friends attended, and the Ditch brothers pulled up in a rusty Chevette. Their band at the time was called Demigod, but because of the Finnish band, were changing their name. (There was a Toledo band named Athiest too, they had to change their name to Corruption. They practiced 2 doors down from me.) Mark Ditch pulled out a little pad of paper with some band name possibilities written on it and asked us to pick one. I don't remember the others, but I voted against "Gutted." It DID make a striking logo in the end. I was never friends with them. They were in their 20's and I was like 14 or 15 and would sneak into shows and not talk to anyone for fear of getting thrown out even though I wasn't drinking and usually tried to pay cover.

The last time I saw them live, it was opening for Napalm Death on the Fear, Emptiness, Despair tour in the basement of The Asylum in downtown Toledo. Sheer Terror played that show too (and ruled!) Gutted was playing their new post-Bleed material on this show, and it crushed. They had returned to their original three piece lineup. There were some new amps onstage too. It was a nastier guitar tone, and overdriven bass and it was gnarly as hell. Unfortunately, death metal was no longer the flavor of the week as it was about 1994 at that point and "alterna-metal" was starting to crown. The only problem with Bleed For Us To Live was that it was released 2 years too late. They would have been kings had they been anywhere but here. Sadly, they had to settle for being kings... here.

I dunno why LRV was worried about them being considered Slam Death. Waking The Cadaver these guys are not. They WERE alot more creative in their rhythmic approach to things than alot of other bands. Gutted hardly ever got beyond "mid paced." What they DID write were hooks. A lost art if you ask me. A car could blow out a tire in some of the pockets they would write. Death metal bands don't play anything resembling a pocket anymore. The later material has a grit to it that was closer kin to Incantation and some of the other "dark" death metal that was busy being forgotten at the time as well. Gutted still kept that midpaced, evil vibe going on, like Asphyx. The keening, whining guitar solos that really weren't much more than moody, reverbed out string bends. The throat lacerating vocals (NOT cookie monster!) Chunky, simple double kick and filthy bass that complimented the guitar tones. Some years after they "broke up" (became permanently inactive? retired? closed the family practice?) This limited released platter came out. It has awful, throwaway cover artwork, bad layout with a crappy font, and they could not have printed up more than 500 or 1000. Total homebrew job, but it has their final recordings on it (including a dope cover of Manitou that I like more than Venom!) The first five songs were the referenced later material they recorded. To make it complete, though, they included their 4 song "Disease" demo at the end of the album. I wore out two copies of that cassette. I never got a chance to buy this CD, so I only have this downloaded copy of it that I have re-upped. I think I got it from one of those Russian sites and I just happened to run across it. I probably still get porn popups from going to that site too.

I kinda doubt if Gutted toured much or played too far out of town. Maybe some East Coast dates. They released Bleed For Us To Live at a point when death metal show attendance was at an all time low ebb. I know they played the Michigan Deathfest more than once and were tight with the Epitaph Magazine people. I vaguely remember them getting a good review in Metal Maniacs, but that never guaranteed anyone any widespread recognition (Shit, one of MY bands had a one page feature done on them! Never even got me recognized on the street!)

I can't find a better pic of the cover than the one from the Metallum, so that is all you get. In all honesty, it's really all you need.


The L-RV said...

Thanks for the history lesson!
I never got to see these guys as I had left A2/Detroit in 1991 for SF. They blow me away with their attack indeed!

Voluspa9 said...

Gutted were one of the first death metal bands I had ever seen live. They played a show in Ft. Wayne with (if memory serves me correctly) Legion, Anthropophagy, and Ahriman. Good stuff, and thanks for upping this.

P.S. I put the Dis-connected demo up on my shit. Now get back over to Indy!

Voluspa9 said...

Well, I hope to see you at the Pentagram show. That is gonna be one hell of a show for sure!