Monday, November 9, 2009

Disconnected Live footage

This is my band. Pretty wretched sound and dark video, but you get the idea. We have a split 7" out on Idoneum Bello Records with a power violence band from New Zealand called Wasteland. The last song we play is on the split. The split is for sale from Interpunk in the US. The rest of the world can get it from the Per Koro distro. We'll have copies at our next few gigs, maybe through the end of the year depending on how many more gigs we play. We still have a FEW copies of the cassette demo left from last winter. Like, maybe less than ten. The first song we play in the video is off the cassette. The long song in the middle is getting recorded right now. We're getting our shit together to put out a split 12" with a hardcore band from Lansing, MI called Under Anchor. They rip in all the best ways that mid-90's HC bands could rip. Catchy riffs, decent breakdowns (no super slow mallcore style) and a few hooks. I dunno if we are all going to pony up loot for it or if we are going to talk to labels. There may be a forthcoming split 7" with Nightbringer as well.

Disconnected will be playing a weekend November 19th, 20th and 21st with Under Anchor. I still don't have all the details. We may have T shirts by then.

November 19th Lima OH @ The Leathershop (w/Iron Minds and a few other bands)
November 20th Indianapolis IN @ 1511 House (house show with Medusa, Kata Sarka, Deadmen)
November 21st Chicago, IL @ another house show (with 2 of our favorite Chicago bands of the moment: Boiling Over, Poison Planet and 2 other out of towners aside from us and UA.)
November 29th @ Ramalama records, Toledo OH with Expire and one other band (Free show!! 2pm Sunday matinee)


Unknown said...

Is there anyway you guys can cut me a deal for the 7" and cassette so I don't have to order from Interpunk?

nothingwheel said...

actually, I forgot to put our information in the post. Go here:

Will will get back to you about that. THat's the closest we have to a myspace page. I dunno if Will checks it regularly. I don't know what it would be with shipping and stuff. I think we're selling the 7" for four bucks and the cassette for 3. I don't know HOW Interpunk is going to sell those for $8. They cost us over $4 apiece after shipping and stuff from Germany. you can still download the tape from here for now. It's the first post.

Papst Benedikt XVI said...

Mahlon you're mistaken - interpunk doesn't sell it for 8$ they sell the split 7" for 5$!

and let me add this: interpunk just took a small quantity now add the shipping and take the weakness of the U$D (back then 1 U$D = 0.68 €) into consideration... there you go!

anyway, better distribution is in the works but the VERY DISTRO incident didn't really help...

T. Garrett said...

You guys killed in Indy the other night and it was great hanging out with you, dude!

Under Anchor said...

Last weekend was awesome. Miss you already brother!