Friday, March 15, 2013

I'm still not really here.

Not sure if anyone even reads this anymore.  I haven't had any time to write anything on it anyways.  I kinda gave up after about 2010 though because there wasn't much of a reason to blog anymore since everyone had a blog and it seemed like such a pointless endeavor since everything seemed to have been found. I left the links active for as long as I could, that is until a small record label, Corrosion Of Conformity, and coincidentally, the What The Fuck demo (why anyone would report that I have no idea) got my Mediafire account suspended. Ultimately I just wound up deleting my account before more hassle came my way.  The whole file sharing thing seemed to come crashing down around Kim Dotcom's ears just before that, so it's should really come as no surprise to anyone.  As it stands, the reasons I started the blog to begin with seemed to dry up anyways.  Originally, I thought it was really cool that people were sharing alot of forgotten or missed recordings, so that was what I did.  I uploaded recordings that seemed to have very little representation on the internet at the time.  Most of them still don't outside of my crummy blog and that's sad.  Honestly, that was the thing that made the internet cool to me.  Cooler than porn at least, which is probably the coolest thing that 80% of the world looks at on the internet every day... and that is sad.

So what do you do when the coolest thing about the internet gets blown out of the sky?  You go analog.  I found a record player last May.  A really nice one too, for $30.  A Dual 1019.  So rather than listening to fancy stuff that is so great I have to tell people how great it is on the internet, I have been listening to stuff that Lester Bangs and Richard Meltzer and Robert Christgau were yammering about decades ago. What the hell am I going to write about Secret Treaties from Blue Oyster Cult that hasn't been written 35 times already?  Or Grand Funk Railroad for that matter?  Shit, those guys all wrote that Grand Funk fucking sucked, so they had it wrong anyways. The biggest discovery I had in all of 2012 wasn't any hot shit release that everyone was talking about, or some obscure private pressing post-punk gem.  I don't even know what people were talking about most of last year, cuz I discovered KISS.  Seriously, I had never listened to KISS in my entire life.  I changed that. It was like two fucking months straight of listening to nothing but KISS, everything up to Asylum short of the solo albums. So while you guys were all out there fucking whining about how the Brooklyn black metal scene isn't black metal at all, I was ignoring it.  Every single little bit of it.  Seriously, it gave me a new lease on music. The mania has been subsiding of late, but there is still plenty of banal shit that I still do not own.  I need to get an actual shelf for storing all these fucking records first though. It's gotten totally out of hand and it feels like I've barely begun to scratch the itch.

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